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7 Plays to get you get back in the game this week:

We all lose our motivation and drive from time to time. The good news is.... I'm going to show you how to get back on track and motivated again ASAP!

Get a good nights rest!
The first place to start is to make sure you get energised again. Rest your mind, body and soul. Give yourself a chance to recover, heal and feel energised again! You can't make anything big happen if you are burnt out and tired.

Get back to basics!
You need to build your momentum and confidence back up. Start by getting the small things right. Eat well, hydrate your body, workout and take care of the fundamentals. Get the basics right and the rest will start to fall into place.

Plan your day!
You can't worry about next month or next year. Focus on the next 24 Hour block of time you have in front of you and come up with a simple game plan and 3 goals that you can actually execute. You'll start to feel more motivated when you start taking action again and start seeing results.

Go have fun!
You can't be motivated if your life and the daily grind is boring! Change it up and go break your pattern for a few days. Go explore and go create, your mind has to be fresh and that means you have to expose it to new things! Get inspired!

Tidy up!
Clean up and organise your work and living spaces. Get on top of your paper work, bills and all the small things which are zapping your energy. It's time to take back control of your life. You'll feel a lot better when you tidy up your life and your environment!

Get pumped up!
You've already spent too much time feeling like you're not motivated. So let's flip the script! Dress up, show up and get back in the game! Sometimes you've just got to rock up and blow everyone away with your energy, passion and attitude! Be bold!
Start acting like the person you want to be and watch the universe get out of your way!

Get back to work!
A lack of production, is the biggest reason why you aren't motivated. So get back to work. Start producing your best work and start creating again! You have to create the flow yourself and that always starts by taking action and creating your best work!

Now, go do your thing and get pumped up and motivated to take on the world!



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