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A New Week Demands a New Plan.

A New Week demands a New Plan.

When the sun rises on Monday morning you want to wake up feeling a great sense of clarity and purpose about your life and the week ahead.

This week, I want you to focus on moving with deliberate intent and going about your business in a very focused and purposeful manner.

So grab your journal, your blueprint or your note pad and let's work on creating a new plan for the week ahead.

1. This week I only want you to focus your time and energy on accomplishing 3 significant goals, tasks or activities that you feel will help you to move the game forward in some way.

It's more important to be productive than to be busy and constantly feeling out of control, so that's why we are only going to focus on 3 significant things this week.
I want you to focus on the art of starting and finishing an activity or task. This is the first principle of building inner confidence and self belief.

2. This week I want you to focus on running very effective and purposeful morning routines & rituals.

If you're going to win this week, then you'll need to get into the rhythm of starting each new day the right way. You know the Before5am basics by now, so start doing the very things that will give you an edge. Get up early, hydrate your body, exercise and get moving, write in your journal, meditate, work on your single biggest idea - you know the drill.

3. Finally this week. I want you to choose one activity that will help you raise your level of inspiration and make you feel more excited and confident about the future.

It's up to you, so make a decision and go for it. It might be to work on a passion project you’ve been putting off for years, it might be investing some time learning new skills or it might be to spend an afternoon creating and exploring your ideas. Do something that excites you and allows you to dream again!

This week, I don't want you to move hastily or be busy for the sake of being busy, I want you to move gracefully and deliberately towards your goals and targets.

It's a New Week and a New Week demands a New Plan and a New You!

Have a Beautiful & Successful week and let me know how you go with this week’s plan.

- Joe

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