The Blueprint for Business

The Before 5am Blueprint is a powerful tool that is used by thousands around the world every day to stay focused, achieve their goals and build their life on a solid foundation. The Blueprint can help your team to be more productive, purpose driven and focused on team and company objectives. Get your team working more effectively with the power of The Blueprint in your company.

Quarterly Planning

The Blueprint gives your team the power to plan every 90 days and break their projects, tasks and goals down into detailed daily and weekly action plans. By having a quarterly focus on your targets and objects your team won’t lose sight of what of needs to be achieved on a wider business scope. 

Get your team on track

Get your team all on the same page and focused on clear business objectives with The Blueprint. Your team can work together on their own individual Blueprint and create and expand on their own individual or group ideas. Building stronger communication and effective strategies & plans will take your teams productivity to the next level.

Work from home

 In an evolving and changing marketplace we need to be flexible in our approach when it comes to managing our team and keeping them motivated and focused. The Blueprint is designed to help you and your team stay on top of their essential business objectives no matter where they are. The Blueprint gives your team a baseline to communicate from.

Develop team goals and objectives

The Blueprint helps your team set effective and purposeful goals and keep track of their progress all the way through to execution. Whether you’re setting individual goals for certain team members or broader goals for your team, The Blueprint makes it easy to dive in and get to work. Hit your Company and Organization goals + objectives faster with The Blueprint.

Holistic approach to business and life

Wellbeing, mental health and work life balance are major factors when it comes to your teams performance and ability to focus and deliver results. The Blueprint is designed to help your team take back control of their life and make sure they have the tools and knowledge to look after themselves and thrive.

The Multi-User Corporate Program

Whether you’re a real estate agency with a team of thirty-five, a department store with hundreds of employees or a multinational corporation with 25,000+ staff members, The Blueprint Program and system can be integrated seamlessly into your business. Find out how Before 5am can integrate its business solutions and technology into your company.