The Designer Series

Episode 1: The Design Process

In this exclusive 3 Part Designer Series, Joe Duncan CEO and Founder of Before 5am, shares with us his state of the art design process. Everything from where he draws his inspiration from to the way he works. The Designer Series takes a look into his life and mind and how he has built the Before 5am brand into the internationally recognised brand that it is today.

Joe Duncan working in the Design Studio on creations which were released to the public in the second quarter of the 2020 calendar year. 

"Everything we do at Before 5am has to move you. It has to make a shift."

Episode 2: The Mindset and Approach to Design

“I always knew that to change the World you have to use design in its many forms – graphical, the design of words, digital design, art and the grand design of the World.”

– Joe Duncan on his philosophy when it comes to design

The Designer. The Creator. The Icon – May 2020 Sydney Australia 

"Design is about impact."

Episode 3: The Designs that changed the World

“For me design doesn’t make sense if it isn’t relevant. Relevant to the World around us. Relevant to people’s lives. Relevant for today.”

– Joe Duncan on the creation of relevant design

Image: A look at the process behind the creation of the 2020 marketing campaign for The Before 5am Blueprint in late 2019 in the Before 5am Design Studio.

"My designs were built from the ground up. Each piece plays an integral part in someone's life and journey."

– Joe Duncan, CEO and Founder of the Before 5am company.

"There is a direct correlation to my work and changing the world."