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Every choice you make determines the standard you accept for your life.

Sometimes we make good choices, sometimes we make bad choices but always remember this:

Every choice you make on some level determines the standard you accept for yourself and your life.

The standard you are willing to accept in life will ultimately determine the type of life you end up living and where you end up on your unique journey.

We all make mistakes, that's part of life and we don't always get it right but one thing we can all do is decide what our standard is and what we are willing to accept into our lives.

Raise your standards and allow yourself to only accept what is good, empowering and beautiful into your life.

From there you can start to make more powerful and informed choices that are aligned with the type of person you want to be and the type of life you truly want to live.

The choice is yours.


- Joe

Originally written by Joe Duncan

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