Before5am | The Daily Agenda

You have to make it fun and enjoyable in your own mind to get up and do the hard things.

When your alarm goes off in the morning, you've got to jump out of bed and get excited about tackling the hard things and doing the things you don't really want to do...

You've got to see just how far you can push yourself every single day and that starts by shifting your mindset and focus and making it fun & enjoyable in your own mind to do the hard things and to challenge yourself.

You've spent enough time in your life looking for the easy way out, trying to do less than your best and avoiding the hard things which will ultimately make you better and allow you to become more.

You can't expect to grow, become stronger and be better when all your focus is on trying to find easy street.

You simply won't grow, improve or make any real progress by doing less than you can and trying to find the easy way out all the time.

You've got to train your mind to believe that doing the hard things, doing the mundane things and running exceptional routines and habits are fun and enjoyable.

The truth is it should be fun because any time you push yourself, display your power through self control and discipline and do the hard things you move a little closer to becoming the best version of yourself.

Make it your mission to always do more than you can and not avoid the hard things that you have to do.

The days of pulling up the covers when your alarm clock goes off are over, get up and get excited about doing the tough stuff and make it fun and enjoyable to push yourself and challenge yourself every day!

- Joe


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