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Give your mind, body and soul a chance to fuel up.

Wake up and give your mind, body and soul a chance to fuel up.

You’ve got to give yourself time to warm up in the morning and do the things that energise you and fuel you for the day ahead.

Get Active.
Wake up and work out. Go for a walk in nature, go for a swim or hit the gym! It’s not hard to wake up a little earlier and take some time out to start your day right! Get moving, get focused and start creating the flow of energy in your life!

Feed your soul.
Wake up and meditate, pray or simply write in your journal. You have to start feeding your own soul and taking care of your wellbeing first thing in the morning! Before you do anything else, give your soul the gift of time to find itself and connect with your inner self & power source.

Get inspired.
Wake up a little earlier and work on your vision and game plan for life. Take some time out to imagine, plan and draw up your own plans for life and the day ahead. Without a clear vision, you won’t have the purpose and power to move mountain. You have to create clarity in your life and that all starts with you being certain about what you are creating and becoming.

It’s up to you, to start making your health, wellbeing and overall performance a priority in your life.

Start waking up a little bit earlier and give yourself a chance to fuel yourself for the day ahead. Because being burnt out, feeling unfulfilled and feeling like everyone and everything else is a priority over your own needs, is the fast road to depression and unhappiness.

I want you to be at your best. You don’t have to wake up at 4:00am to be at your best, but you do have to start making time each morning for your own wellbeing.

Many of you think 
Before5am is a wake up time, in fact it has little to do with what time you wake up. It’s a methodology and a way of life that I created to help every day people find themselves and become the best version of themselves by using their time and energy more effectively.

So don’t ever think it’s not possible for you to make yourself and your dreams a priority! Because it is and it all starts with you giving yourself time to just work on yourself, your own health and your own unique ideas.

- Joe


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