Wellbeing by Before 5am

Our global mental health initiatives

"Before 5am has always been at the forefront around mental health and wellbeing."

Through the Before 5am teachings and way of life we have been able to reduce the toll of mental health globally on a corporate and societal level.

Before 5am has always been at the forefront of mental health and helping people through many of the challenges they face in their daily lives.

Living life the Before 5am way has seen an 86% decrease in mental health related issues. Including stress, anxiety & depression (2017 / 18 JDG Global Mental Health and Wellness Audit.)

Mental health and wellness related issues has seen an exponential rise over the last few years around the world. We are proud to have always been at the forefront of creating a sustainable way of living, that promotes wellbeing and wellness in every area of life.  

#mentalhealth might be a hot topic now, but for us it has always been at the very core of what we teach and implement into peoples lives around the world

The wake up and walk initiative

With greater stress placed on individuals in modern life and higher levels of uncertainty on an economic and societal level mental health and wellbeing has become the challenge of our time. By creating the wake up and walk initiative we have helped thousands of people to be more active, mindful and able to cope and handle the stresses of daily life. Our data has shown that by waking up and going for a walk before the work day starts lowers stress levels by around 67% while increasing cognitive ability and focus by 32% approx. 

The sunrise challenge

Thousands around the world wake up every day and take part in the sunrise challenge by Before 5am. The sunrise challenge promotes a more sustainable and active lifestyle. It’s a way for people to share their positive morning routines and take charge of their own health and wellbeing. 


Millions of people around the world use Before 5am as a platform to learn, share and participate in our global initiatives to increase their performance, be more focused and develop the skills they need to take on the world. Along with our large social media presence our community uses #Before5am to share their story, to feel empowered and learn from one another. It’s a positive and inspiring space for people to be themselves and share a more positive and healthy message.

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