How to find your purpose.

Finding your Purpose, Passion and Vision isn’t always easy.

And I know it’s something many of you struggle with, because the truth is, it’s hard to be honest with yourself and let go of all your pre - conceived ideas of who you are and what you really want to do with your life!

So today, I’m going to give you three very specific things to think about and then you can put pen to paper and play around with your own ideas!

1. I want you to only think about 3 things when you design your vision.
What do I want to create?
What do I want to build?
What do I want to share with the world?
That’s the first place to start.
What are you actually going to contribute and do with your time on this planet?
It’s got nothing to do with what you can get or take from this world and everything to do with what you will give of yourself and create!

2. If you’re still lost. Look at all the things that fascinate you, intrigue you and inspire you! You have interests and hobbies? Don’t you!?!
Well, explore them and find out which one you are most passionate about right now and how you can get more involved with that hobby or interest.
Don’t be afraid to explore the things you already like and enjoy doing, for many of you that is the first step to creating a vision and finding your passion for life!

3. Always look at your gifts and talents! List the things you are naturally good at. We all have gifts and talents, so don’t neglect them in your pursuit of your dreams. You have to play to your strengths and do things which you are innately gifted in. I can’t be a doctor, I couldn’t build you a house and I most probably couldn’t be an athlete, so I do something that lends itself to my natural abilities to communicate, connect and create. Know your strengths and build your vision around them!

Go have some fun creating your vision and don’t be afraid to Think Big, get your ideas down on paper and explore everything that is in your heart and mind!

- Joe


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