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Midweek Reset: Set aside 30 minutes in the middle of the week to re-plan and get

7 days can be a long period of time. Especially when things come up and life comes at you! I think we all know what that feels like!

It’s why I often re-plan the second part of my week on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

A quick review of your weekly plan from Sunday night in the middle of the week will help you to get focused back up and stay on track with your goals and tasks.

If you take a look at your original Plan for the week you’ll usually find that you have missed the mark on a few of your goals and tasks or had to re-schedule a meeting here and there and that can often mess up your flow and your plan for the week!

Rather than lose the rest of the week and move things to the next week - I usually re-plan and reschedule the back half of my week so that I can still make progress but also factor in the realities of my moving schedule and life.

I usually break things down into two categories: Whatever needs to be done during the remaining two days of the working week becomes my next or most significant priority! Anything else that can be done over the weekend, evenings or the following week becomes a secondary concern.

I also try to avoid adding too many unnecessary activities or tasks to my updated plan, because it’s just too easy to get bogged down doing things which don’t really move the game forward.

It’s important to be flexible with your weekly and daily action plan, because at the end of the day, it’s only you that suffers if you feel that you can’t get anything done or feel like you have no ability to get focused up and move things forward!

A quick mid-week reset will always serve you well and should be part of your weekly routine even if you’re hitting your targets and making big things happen!

Set aside 30 minutes on Wednesday night or Thursday morning before you start your day to review your plan and move things around to suit you - so that you actually get things done and feel like you’ve accomplished something before you wrap up the week!

Have a productive end to the week and let me know how you go with your mid week reset! Let’s keep making moves, the week isn’t over yet!

- Joe


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