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Note to self: I am going to get exactly what I want and I'm not going to stop until I get it.

You can spend your whole life listening to other people tell you that it's not possible or that you will never pull it off or you can listen to yourself, believe in yourself and back yourself!

It doesn't matter what other people say or think it only matters what you think and what you believe is possible for you!

Whatever your vision, goal or dream is you have to know with absolute faith and conviction that you will get there and you will make it happen and that starts with believing in yourself and knowing exactly what you want!

You become unstoppable when your purpose becomes clear within your own mind and when you believe with everything you have that it's possible and when you finally stand up and declare that you will not stop until you get exactly what you want!

Be relentless and so determined that no one or nothing can deny you or separate you from what you truly believe in!

- Joe

Originally written by Joe Duncan

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