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One day you're going to jump out of bed and say: "Enough is enough."

One day you're going to jump out of bed and decide to take things to the next level and blow the world away with your potential.

You're not going to worry about what other people think or say.

You're not going to worry about your current circumstances or what you're going through.

You're not even going to worry about your next pay cheque or your bills & debts.

You're just going to jump out of bed and be overcome with passion and a sense of purpose that makes you feel the greatest sense of certainty and power.

You're going to look in the mirror with tears of joy in your eyes and declare once and for all that you're never ever going to play small with your life, dreams and your potential again.

You're going to get out there and DO IT. You won't care if it is even possible or if it's ever going to work out because you're so far beyond committed that nothing or no one can get in your way or stop you.

You're going to OWN your life and you're going to walk outside your house, look back at your life and run like you've never ever run before and you're never going to stop running until you finally become everything you wanted to be.

I haven't stopped running... Because I waited so long just for that one day to arrive.

I wasted years living in doubt and fear and worrying about what people would think if I stood up and started talking and sharing my gifts with the world...Now that one day is my everyday.

Don't wait for one day. Make that day... Today.

- Joe

Original Story Written by Joe Duncan

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