Before5am 2024 Mid-Year Review | Life Tool and Workshop

The 2024 Mid-Year Review Opening Letter

Tomorrow we officially open our 2024 Mid-Year Review event and come together to build our lives, support each other and start making some significant life decisions that move us towards what truly matters - to us!


The Mid-Year Review is an important annual initiative that we have run for 10 years to help people from all walks of life to build their lives practically, find a sense of direction & meaning and to build the skills they need to handle the very real challenges of life.


This year, our main theme is focused around getting back to basics and checking in with ourselves - in an honest way. With so many people struggling with the cost of living, being made redundant and the issues of a changing societal landscape - I think it’s about time we check in with ourselves and our families, friends and workmates.


I know many of you are struggling right now and I hope this year’s Mid-Year Review gives you the tools you need to start building your life again and moving towards what matters to you now - at this stage of your life.


I’ll be with you all throughout this year’s program and I’m looking forward to supporting you, cheering you on and helping you get to where you need to be in life.


Let’s get to work and remember the Mid-Year Review is something that you do with your family, your friends, your students, team mates at work and the community groups you work with. We’re all here together to build each other up and make sure we support each other. With great heart.


Your friend,

Joe Duncan