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Overcoming the guilt from your past choices and mistakes, is often the hardest part of moving forward.

Sometimes, you wake up and wonder how the hell you ended up here. You question yourself, you find yourself overcome with regret and guilt. You feel disempowered and that cycle can continue for weeks, months and for many souls, years.

We all make mistakes and poor choices from time to time. We sometimes find ourselves in situations which simply destroy us inside and strip us of everything we once believed in. There are times, our own actions or inability to act, have hindered our happiness and killed our dreams.

There are also times when it seems like others or external factors have conspired to stop us, to hold us back and take away our own sense of self.

Dealing with the guilt of the past, is never easy. It can consume you and lock you in a prison of self doubt, regret and frustration. It can become the story of your life.

Moving forward sounds good to most people. But many times in my life, I couldn’t move forward because I wasn’t emotionally or spiritually strong enough to deal with the consequences of my own actions or in most cases neglect. I wasn’t strong enough to take responsibility.

My circumstances became self fulfilling, because all I could see in the mirror in the morning was someone who was slipping, failing and doing everything he could to make sure he stayed locked up in a self made prison of regret.

I’ve been there a few times in my life. I haven’t always been able to move forward or pick up the pieces of shattered hopes and dreams as easily or as elegantly as I would have liked. But one thing I have learnt...

You’ve got to forgive yourself. You have to sometimes let go of the things you once wanted and hoped for, for your own good. So you can move forward and create something even more magical and beautiful.

You have to allow yourself time to heal. The guilt of your past choices, the regret and all the pain can be washed away, once you have made peace with the past and most of all yourself.

Moving forward for most people is one part dealing with the past and cleaning up the internal mess left behind after hurricane disappointment. And one part taking action and moving towards something new, something of great meaning & purpose.




Originally written by Joe Duncan

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