Before 5am presents


The Official Playbook for your Life.

The Scrolling Experience.

The Playbook has been designed from the ground up to be a seamless scrolling experience.

Each page flows into the next creating an immersive user experience.

The Playbook is built around your life and how you consume content in the modern world. We created the scrolling experience so that you can focus on what matters. Which is running the strategies and plays that amplify your life. 

You scroll through it! It’s what you love doing everyday and it’s how you connect with the world. With The Playbook we’ve made it easier than ever before to wake up early and attack the day.  

It’s revolutionary in its design and approach. Yet it feels so familiar in your hand.


Step up and make yourself a priority.

The Playbook is all about you! 

You stretch yourself in all directions and spread yourself thin. Your family, your work and the demands you place on yourself take it out of you. 

It’s time to step up and make yourself a priority. Your wellbeing, your health and your dreams matter the most. 

With The Playbook you’ll reclaim your power and find the time and energy you need to do it all. At a much higher level than ever before. 

Take charge with The Playbook by your side.

The Playbook is a digital book. Available Instantly World Wide.

The Playbook is delivered straight to your email inbox. With our quick and easy download process you can start the experience immediately. The Playbook is a digital download that you scroll through and read on your device. It is not a physical copy. The playbook isn’t just limited to one device or one operating system. You can use The Playbook on any of your devices.

Get up and Go with The Playbook.

Jump out of bed and run your plays. 

The Playbook has one mission and that’s to make sure you wake up and start the day right. 

Hit the gym, work on your ideas or find a new play to run. You will never waste another day with The Playbook by your side. 

There are daily challenges and strategies to implement, you don’t just read The Playbook. You run the plays and take charge of your life. 

Get up and go with The Playbook that’s what it’s designed to do. 

The Book. Re-defined.

We broke the book. 

We started at the beginning. We started over and over again until we created something that defines the market. 

Our objective was to create an experience that was accessible and relevant. The Playbook breaks the traditional boundaries of what a book is and how we consume content in the modern world. 

From the vibrant color palette, to the stunning composition, to the way you scroll through and interact with it, The Playbook is the book, re-defined.

The Playbook is an experience. One that redefines what we expect from the technology we use every day. 


Wellbeing + Health

Your wellbeing is your #1 priority. 

The Playbook is designed to help you find the time to work on yourself and what matters most to you. No matter what’s going on your life. 

The Playbook is full of strategies and tips to help you perform at your highest level every day. Everything from green juice recipes to sleep performance through to understanding your own cycles and patterns. 

The Playbook gives you the power to live life on your own terms and make your wellbeing and health a priority. Once and for all.

The Strategies that run your day.

You use The Playbook everyday.

You’re not on the bench anymore. You’re on the field playing the game of life. Like any great athlete or top performer you need a Playbook full of solid strategies to win. 

The moment you wake up, you scroll through your Playbook and you know exactly what strategies to run. Because you’ve recited your Playbook over and over again. 

You don’t have to think about it. You just go out and get it done. 

What Play are you running today?

Keep yourself accountable with #Before5am

Share your achievements and inspire others with your hard work and dedication. 

The Playbook is designed to be an interactive experience to keep you accountable and engaged all year round. 

Take your Playbook experience to the next level by joining thousands of people in the Before 5am Community who are out there making it happen and running their favorite Playbook plays. 

Staying accountable and celebrating your achievements will motivate you to get up and get more done every day. 

Looking after your wellbeing is fun and easy with #Before5am.

Waking up Before 5am.

There is nothing like waking up Before 5am.

The energy of the morning mixed with a fresh mind, body + soul makes you unstoppable. 

The Playbook is designed to get you up and moving Before 5am. It’s your time and nothing gets in the way of your wellbeing, your ideas and your dreams.

For the days you can’t wake up Before 5am the Playbook is there for you. It doesn’t matter what time you wake up, what matters is that you run your Playbook plays when you do wake up. 

Start your day the right way with The Official Before 5am Playbook. 

What's inside your Playbook?

From the moment you download it and put it on any of your favorite devices you will be immersed in The Playbook experience. 

As you scroll through it for the first time you will see that we have broken it down into 10 simple, beautiful and easy to use parts. 

There are 170+ carefully crafted pages designed to fit seamlessly into your life. 

The Playbook is delivered to you in a universal file format (PDF) so that you can access it anywhere, anytime and on any of your devices. In full color and high definition.

The Playbook is full of powerful strategies, our latest thinking on human performance and interactive challenges to help you wake up, and get more done and take charge of your life. 

We’ve made it fun to work on yourself and The Playbook is something you play with and enjoy every day.