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Everything you’re going through is simply preparing you for your destiny.

You have to trust in the journey of life and trust that you are guided on your unique and beautiful journey.

The main thing in life is to trust yourself and trust the process and just keep moving forward and keep making progress.

No matter how tough things may seem or how disappointed you are with the results you are getting right now, you have to stay focused on your ultimate outcome and destination!

The results will come and everything will reveal itself in the most beautiful way as long as you dedicate yourself to improving and learning and developing yourself and your craft...not before then!

The odds are always in your favour if you just keep grinding, believing and moving forward.

I know you're on the most amazing and unique journey and each one of us is at a different stage on this journey we call life but just have absolute faith and certainty that it will all unfold in the right way at the right moment in your life.

I wouldn't be here today if I didn't keep believing and keep moving forward and trust me for most of my life it didn't look like I would ever get to the point I could do what I was born to do and share my gifts and talents with the world in any significant way.

But that's the beautiful thing about the journey of life, you must learn, grow, develop a higher level of understanding before the universe even allows you to enter the gateway of your calling or purpose... Everything you are going through is simply preparing you for your destiny.

Unfortunately most people never stick it out long enough to see their lives unfold in the most magnificent of ways.

So keep believing and keep moving forward, it truly does all unfold in your favour and in its own beautiful way!


- Joe


Originally Written by Joe Duncan

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