respect yourself enough to have a plan

Written by Joe Duncan

Respect is earned and it’s not the respect of others that matters, it’s the respect that you give yourself that actually means something.

We can talk all day about feeling empowered, making an impact and being the best version of yourself. But none of it matters if you don’t have a plan for your life.

Respect yourself enough to have a plan. That’s your part of the deal and before you can feel stronger, more confident and certain about the world around you – You need to be the one who determines your destiny.

If you don’t make your intentions clear, your own ideas, dreams and purpose will be drowned out by the noise, the drama and the constant distractions of modern life.

Having a plan for your life creates certainty within and gives you the power of purpose. In a world full of uncertainty and change, it’s the highest form of respect you can give yourself.

Respect yourself enough to have a plan. A plan that allows you to be the best that you can be, to make the most of your circumstances and to do something on this planet that only you can do.

That’s what empowerment looks like in your life. Respect yourself and respect your ideas & dreams enough to have a plan that allows you to achieve everything you were born to do.

Anything less is just simply being disrespectful to yourself and respect is something you always have to show yourself first.

Get a plan, get to work and empower yourself the right way!