Before5am | The Daily Agenda

Set up and plan your week on Sunday night.

Sunday Night is the best time to set up the week ahead and get clear on what you need to accomplish to move closer to those big dreams & goals.

Take a look at your life goals and plan out the big things you can do this week with your body, diet, work, business ideas, finances and relationships.

Break each day down and have at least 3 big things on each of the days you absolutely MUST get done.

It's also a great time to set up your playlist of 5 songs that motivate you and select a few motivational videos from YouTube that will get you fired up and excited to get out of bed and make big things happen.

Have an amazingly powerful and successful week and if you set it up right you will be half way there.

Oh and one more thing... Set your alarm for before 5am!

- Joe

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