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Sometimes all you need is a little more faith, a little more effort and a little more time.

Keep believing and keep moving forward because you just don't know how close you might be to finally breaking through and discovering everything you ever dreamt about and hoped for.

Sometimes you just need to put in a little more effort when you're feeling tired, burnt out and like it's never going to happen.

Sometimes you just want to give up and give in and throw in the towel but I'm asking you to just have a little more faith and believe in yourself and believe in your destiny.

Sometimes you just need a little more time and you've just got to accept the process and allow time to work it's magic as you keep working on your craft and your dreams.

There is no point giving up now, keep going and keep believing because on the other side of your effort is everything you are working towards and trust me it's not going to happen any sooner if you give up right now!

- Joe

Originally Written by Joe Duncan

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