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Start by structuring your days and weeks.

The problem is, you don’t have any real structure to your life and that lack of structure is causing most of your problems.

You don’t always need the best plan, you don’t always need to be motivated and pumped up. The main challenge for most of you, is having a daily and weekly structure that allows you to perform in every area of your life.

Without structure and a framework to work from, you will always find yourself in a cycle of procrastination, lack of production and constant stress.

That pattern you have started to form over the years can only be broken by developing a structured daily and weekly game plan.

Start by looking at the day ahead and developing a very simple plan for the day that allows you to function and get things done, while still being able to breathe.

Have a few simple routines that you follow and live by. The Trick is to keep it simple enough so you can be consistent and over time you’ll start to see the changes you want to see in your life.

A lack of structure often leads to a lack of focus and discipline and that has a flow on effect in every area of our lives, including how we see ourselves.

The good news is that, you can make some changes and create some new rules for your life straight away. You don’t need to plan your life or the next month. Just focus on the next day and the week ahead.

If you can develop a structure for your life and how you operate, you’ll have more energy to do the things you want and be able to be a whole lot more flexible with your time, because you’ll be on top of things for a change.

Start by having a structure for your days and weeks. The rest will start to fall into place once you start feeling more certain and in control of your life.

- Joe


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