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Stop worrying about how it's going to happen and start believing with all your heart that it will happen.

But Joe, how is it going to happen?

That's the least of your worries.... You haven't even decided with all your heart what it is you want!

You haven't even made a powerful decision to commit yourself and your life to the outcome you want!

You haven't even begun to sacrifice and go without so your vision can start to become real!

You haven't even put in a day's work let alone a decade’s worth of work in pursuit of the life you want!

You keep doing what you've always been doing and aren't prepared to change your mind, attitude, beliefs and actions!

You don't even know what you want in exact and specific detail and you sure as hell don't even have a plan to make it happen!

How it's going to happen is the least of your worries... first you've got to decide what you want and then remove every other possibility, believe it can and will happen for you and then over commit and over work so it can happen!

- Joe

Originally Written by Joe Duncan

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