Building strong routines and habits with The Playbook


It all starts with building strong routines and habits into your daily life.

It all starts with building strong routines and habits into your daily life. That’s why you come to Before 5am and use all of the technology + information that we have developed and provided over the years to help you perform at your highest level – in the real world.

When it comes to building strong routines and habits The Playbook is your go to guide and resource. We’ve embedded everything we know about human performance into The Playbook and designed it around the Before 5am philosophy and DNA so it fits seamlessly into your life.

Now, let’s get into how you can build strong routines and habits using your Playbook.

01 Wake up Earlier: When you’re looking at developing a strong daily routine the best place to start is by waking up earlier. There’s no better way to get in the game and start developing stronger habits than to give yourself the time to actually execute on the habits and routines you need to implement into your life. The Playbook gives you the confidence to wake up earlier and get more done while maintaining high levels of energy all throughout the day so you never have to worry about dropping off. Waking up Before 5am or waking up earlier consistently is a skill and a habit that takes time and effort to develop. With The Playbook you’ll be able to gently build yourself up to waking up earlier everyday and be more consistent with all your other routines and habits.

02 Fitness and Health: It’s all about consistency when it comes to your fitness and health. The Playbook gives you the tools and the time to be more consistent, focused and committed to your fitness goals. It’s easy to drop off, lose momentum and even neglect our fitness and health regime from time to time. With everything that’s going on in the world, our careers and our home lives it’s more important than ever to make our wellbeing and fitness a priority. By implementing the strategies and concepts from The Playbook into your life you can build strong habits and routines around your fitness and health and make it part of your daily + weekly schedule.

03 Diet + Energy: Understanding how to maintain and increase your energy levels is an important skill to develop. You need to have a strong routine around your diet and energy in order to perform at your highest level. Having a lean, green and light diet is the key to giving yourself more energy throughout the day. The Playbook gives you a range of different recipes, concepts and strategies around keeping your energy levels high so that you reduce your exposure to burn out and have the energy to keep pushing every day.

04 Schedule and Planning: Structure your days and run strong routines throughout the day. You want to have a plan for the day that is built around your routines and habits and allows you to execute on your goals. The Playbook helps you to structure and set up your days in the most effective way possible, factoring in real life scenarios and challenges that come up every day. We built The Playbook to be flexible and to fit into your life so that you can keep moving forward everyday without feeling stuck or beating yourself up when things don’t quite go your way.

05 Evening Routine: What you do throughout the day and in the evening is just as important as your morning routine. Waking up early and dominating the day starts with your evening routine and how you set yourself up for the day. The Playbook helps you build a strong evening routine, understand your sleep patterns and gives you the confidence and clarity to start the next the next day feeling fresh.

The Playbook gives you the power to run strong routines and habits every single day. We’ve factored in everything through our research and data and know exactly what it takes to stay in the game longer and get results. The Playbook is built around real world application and is designed to be implemented into your life regardless of your situation or circumstances – because we know your life is always evolving and changing. Now it’s time to get to work and start building strong routines and habits and living the Before 5am Lifestyle.

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