The next 90 days – Q2 2020

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With everything that is going on in the world right now, focusing on the second quarter of 2020 and finding some way forward through the current crisis can seem quite stressful and challenging.

Many of the goals you set for 2020 are now a distant memory, as you go into lockdown and survival mode within. The aspirations, ideas and dreams you once had, have been tossed to the side while you try and work through your current situation and circumstances.

But all is not lost. You have an opportunity over the next 90 days to prepare, re-tool and build yourself up behind the scenes. You will have to take a very different approach to taking action and that means working on yourself, working on your ideas and preparing for the second half of 2020 and more importantly 2021.

Now is the time to tidy up, reassess every part of your life and develop an even stronger plan for your life – factoring in the new data and information that directly impacts you and your industry.

A global slow down and reset levels the playing field, which buys you time and right now, you have to use everything to your advantage.

If you can focus right now on what matters and have the ability to look ahead and see how the decade will play out, then you can be in a strong position by the end of this crisis. Do your research and use that thing called the internet to get ahead of the curve – not just be entertained.

Those who plan and prepare and re-tool now – win the 20’s it’s that simple.

Print out a fresh copy of your Blueprint Workbook and start planning out the next 90 days. You can still be productive and you can break down the barriers of fear and doubt by bringing certainty to your life.

Now is the time to debate and discuss everything and develop a new Blueprint for your life.

Many of you have been hoping for a moment to just catch your breath and right now, you’ve been given a golden opportunity to make up for lost time. Use these next few weeks & months to your advantage and get ahead of the game for once.

At this stage, we predict a Q4 rebound with significant restrictions imposed globally. So that gives you 90 – 180 days to get yourself and your life together.

Stay safe.