Finding time for yourself with The Playbook


Finding time for yourself needs to be your #1 priority.

Finding time for yourself can be challenging even at the best of times in modern life. It’s easy to feel stressed out and stretched in so many different directions and often we neglect to look after ourselves and our own wellbeing. 

Before 5am has always been at the forefront of mental health and wellbeing and at the core of our philosophy and everything we do is designed around finding time for yourself. It’s what we do and we believe that is the first step to living a more purposeful, powerful and impactful life. 

The Playbook gives you the confidence to make your wellbeing a priority. Unapologetically and without regrets – your wellbeing matters. That starts with finding time for yourself first thing in the morning, throughout the day and in the evening. 

You have to wake up every morning and make yourself a priority. Make the time to meditate, to write, to create, to workout and do whatever you need to do to feel strong and powerful within. 

With The Playbook you can start your morning in a more deliberate and intentional way. There are strategies, concepts and advice to help you find the time to nurture and look after yourself. 

Having a more mindful morning starts with The Playbook. It’s all about being calm, focused and in control of your own emotions and how you feel about yourself and the world around you. By taking back control of your life you can reduce your stress levels and find the energy you need to move purposefully towards your goals. 

It’s always important to find time for yourself whether you start your day with a quick yoga session, a 5km run or enjoy relaxing and reading with a coffee in your hand. It’s something we believe should be part of your daily routine and schedule – so that you can perform at your highest level and feel good within.

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