sunrise challenge

The Before 5am Sunrise Challenge is easy to get involved in! Wake up a little earlier, take a picture of the sunrise on your morning walk, run, ride or during your quiet time. Use #before5am to share your inspiring + active morning and join thousands of people making their wellbeing a priority before they start their day.

wake up and walk initiative

Get up, get out there and go for a walk! The Before 5am wake up and walk initiative is all about giving yourself a chance to get active first thing in the morning while connecting with yourself and being mindful as you enter the new day. Going for a walk in the morning is something we have always promoted as a tool for your mental health, physical health and ability to be more focused and honed in. It’s as simple as getting up, going for a walk and using #before5am to share your morning wellbeing routine. It’s what we do at Before 5am every day, regardless of what time you wake up.

less screen time more me time

Take a step forward and away from your devices and start getting into the habit of reading, writing and connecting with yourself every day. This is at the heart of what we have always taught and it’s easy to get involved by sharing your life away from the screen with our #before5am lifestyle community. Click below to get involved and see what everyone is doing in the community.

Jump in and get involved with #before5am