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What are you going to start this week?

What are you going to start this week?

I mean really....

What are you going to start?

You've talked, you've whinged, you've kinda tried, you have ideas that can change the world, you have big dreams. But where have they got you up to this point?

So the time for talking and thinking and dreaming is OVER!

This week you're going to start something BIG, something you are passionate about and something you believe in!

I don't care about your past performance or current circumstances. What I care most about is your potential and what you can do!

If you want to start a clothes designing business, lose weight, become an astronaut or start writing a hit cartoon for kids then this is the week to START!

Forget the past!

Forget what else is going on in your life!


For those of you who are brave enough to START tag me in your pictures and show me your progress, I'm on a mission to make sure you live your DREAMS.

Let's have a great week and let's make BIG things happen.

- Joe


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