What does putting in the work look like in 2022?

Written by Joe Duncan

Putting in the work in 2022 looks like this!

1. Making your mental health & wellbeing your #1 priority! It all starts here and after a year like 2021 you can see how easy it is to fall into a negative cycle with everything going on around you! It’s an every day grind – So hustle & grind on your wellbeing first this year! No excuses!

2. Building relationships and networking! I’ve always said that 50% of your time must be invested in building your brand & networking – that is more true today than ever before. Work hard and focus on being a leading figure in your industry. Hiding won’t get you paid or recognised.

3. Managing your finances. 2022 will be a tough year for most of you, so be mindful of your spending and give yourself plenty of room for things to come up. Develop some simple financial rules to live by and stick to it this year.

4. Re-skilling and developing new skills. Putting in the work this year means that you learn new skills, develop your craft and become indispensable in your industry or sector. Set aside time each day to improve your skill set & knowledge.

5. Investing time learning how to build your life in the digital & technological era. The world has changed, don’t be silly and neglect your future. Read, research and learn how you can be more involved in the new economy – your way of life depends on it.

6. Having a tight structure to work from. With everything going on around you, you need a baseline to work from. Build tight daily and weekly structures so you can focus and perform – this is where most people fell apart last year. This is especially true when working from home and dealing with the stresses of modern work life.

7. Being intentional and deliberate. Practice being intentional and deliberate in everything you do. Your ability to feel in control and bring certainty to your life is imperative in 2022. Otherwise the energy of the world will dictate your performance and mindset.

8. Being resourceful. Now it’s on you to find ways to make things work in a changing world and slowing economy – the real work has always started here and now you have to be the one who is resourceful & flexible enough to get things done.