Working from Home

Working From Home with The Blueprint

Get more done and be more focused when working from home

Working from home isn’t always easy and can be full of distractions at times. Having an effective plan and approach to each day and week is essential when you’re working for yourself or when you’re working from home. It’s important to develop some rules and structure around your work day, so that you can be focused and productive. 

The Blueprint helps you to work from home more effectively by giving you the tools you need to structure your days and weeks, get organized and get focused on the task or project at hand. The Blueprint was designed to cover every area of your life and that includes working from home and performing at your highest level regardless of your current situation or circumstances.

Let’s get you working from home more effectively than ever before.

Plan your day + week

With The Blueprint you can plan your days and weeks out effectively. Using our famous 90 day action plan and breaking it down into your days and weeks you can be focused and effective on your long term and short term projects and tasks. Explore and work through Part 8 of The Blueprint.

Build and identify new habits

The Blueprint helps you to build new and more effective habits so you can adjust to your new working environment and situation. Creating powerful habits around your work schedule will allow you to be more effective both in your work and home life. Use Part 6 of The Blueprint to help you develop new routines and habits.

Flexibility to create

The Blueprint was built from the ground up to flexible. You can print it out and write your ideas on paper or you can mark it up on your devices with apps such as goodnotes or adobe acrobat. The Blueprint gives you the power to create and work on your ideas and projects in great detail. How you use your Blueprint is up to you. Check out Part 2 + 3 to explore your own ideas further. 

Approach each day with Purpose

The Blueprint helps you to get focused and stay in the game every day. When you work from home it’s easy to feel disconnected from the marketplace and it’s easy to feel like you aren’t making progress. The Blueprint helps you to realign your thoughts and emotions with your purpose so you know where you’re heading every day. Work through Part 1 of The Blueprint to find clarity and get focused on what matters to you.

Work from home with The Blueprint