First things first: You better know exactly what the definition of winning is for you.

So you want to win this game?

Well, first things first... You better know exactly what the definition of winning is for you?

Now I'm not talking about some generic definition of success or getting ahead. I'm talking about your unique definition of winning the game of life.

If you don't know what the key objectives and targets are for your life, then how are you ever going to win the game of life?

I know you're out there hustling, grinding and working hard every day to get ahead, but what are you actually playing the game of life for?

Everyone has a different definition of winning, but sometimes we get caught up trying to keep up with everyone else or going down a path that is hardly ever going to make us happy or even wealthy on any level, including financially.

So, I'm asking you to decide and determine what your unique definition of winning is...

It's time to be bold and brave enough to declare what your definition of winning is, because if I ask you to set your life goals or tell me about your dreams most of you will sell yourself short and come up with a list of things you think you can achieve rather than what your soul and heart truly and absolutely wants!

You can't win a game if you don't know what the rules are and what the objectives are, so let's become the master of our own universe and declare what it is in exact detail that we are going for.

Once you know that, we can get to work and start working towards winning!

Don't be shy, don't be scared and stop hiding from your true definition of winning because all you're doing is burning your time, energy and personal resources and before you know it, it's game over and unlike a computer game you don't get to respawn and have another go.

I want each and every one of you to win the game of life and that's my job: To make sure you win, but your part of the deal is to know with absolute certainty what winning looks like for you!

The saddest thing in life is winning at someone else's game, a game you never wanted to play let alone win and I see it every day and it's a path you don't want to go down.

It's game time and it's a game you absolutely can win!

- Joe


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