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You build yourself up over time not over night.

I know you want it all and you want it now and I'm here to tell you it's that very attitude that will hinder your progress and stunt your growth and personal development.

You have to give yourself time to develop and grow and build yourself up over a period of time so that you become the type of person who can responsibly handle your wildest dreams and aspirations.

Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself time to develop a strong and solid foundation emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and professionally because there is nothing more powerful and attractive than a man or woman who is rock solid and has a deep level of understanding and inner strength.

You won't develop any of that over night, you won't even develop it over 2 or 3 years because it takes decades to build yourself up in a way that no one or nothing can ever break you or stop you from exercising your will upon the universe.

Be patient and allow the process of life to unfold in its own unique way while you develop yourself and become stronger, wiser and better and evolve into the most beautiful and powerful version of yourself.

So don't beat yourself up about how long it is taking to see results, right now you are building a solid foundation and preparing yourself for greatness... Trust me your moment will come if you just keep believing and trusting and grinding each and every day!

I know everything will unfold in your favour and work out in the most magnificent of ways if you just give yourself time and allow yourself time to grow and develop.


Originally Written by Joe Duncan

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