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You need to give your mind a chance to rest.

You guys have heard me say it before, but sometimes the most productive thing you can do, is to do nothing.

You've got to give your mind a chance to rest and relax. Most of you are over thinking and over working your mind and that leads to burn out, a lack of performance and in some cases depression and illness.

Now, I know you've got a hectic schedule and you've got to manage your career, business, family, social life and finances along with everything else.

I also know, you're hustling and grinding to make your dreams come true and you are pushing yourself every day to perform at your highest level.

But, I'm asking you to give yourself, especially your mind a chance to switch off from time to time and allow yourself to just be and allow things to just be... for a moment, not forever.

One of the great keys to peak performance that I have taught many of you over the years is to give yourself 1 - 2 hours a day at the very least to disconnect.

Take up a new hobby, go for a walk in nature, meditate and enjoy just pottering around your back yard. You've got to give your mind time to relax, so you can be more focused and perform at a higher level when you actually need to.

The other great tip I recommend, is to work in small blocks of time. You won't be very productive after 2 or 3 hours of intense focus and work. So you have to make it part of your lifestyle and schedule to give yourself a break.

If you really want to take things to the next level and be more focused and achieve more, then you have to learn the art of resting your mind and allowing yourself to just be.

If you make it part of your lifestyle to unwind, then you will find you won't burn out or need long holidays or need to run away from your life.

Resting your mind, is as important as resting your body after a big work out.

So give your mind a chance to rest, that may mean you have to hide your phone from yourself and stop checking your emails and messages and go sit on the beach for a while and just watch the waves roll in.

One of the reasons I can work every day and rarely need holidays is because, I make sure I look after myself throughout the day and allow myself time to just be.

- Joe

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