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You will find the energy you are looking for the moment you decide to fully commit yourself to your vision.

When you are fully committed to your vision for yourself and your life and are 100% certain about how it's going to be you will find the energy to make it happen.

Every day people ask me about how many hours I sleep or what time they should go to bed and the truth is none of that matters when you find your mission and become obsessed with your vision.

You will find the drive, the discipline, the focus and intensity the moment you commit your entire being to your vision and become absolutely certain of what you want and how you are going to go about it.

You've got to be all in and commit to making the most powerful decision you will ever make and go for it, it might very well be the wrong move but you will quickly learn, grow and develop from that experience and find another way to make it happen.

But I promise you that you won't find anything by not making any decisions and sitting on the fence feeling uncertain about yourself and your future.

Having a very clear vision for your life will solve almost every problem you think you have and it's the single most important success strategy!

I'm not talking about a list of meaningless goals that are not aligned with anything..... I'm talking about a very detailed vision of what your heart and soul feels deep within and what you were born to do on this planet.

You will find the energy you are looking for the moment you decide exactly how it's going to be and who you are going to be and what you are going to create.

- Joe

Originally Written by Joe Duncan

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