Your goals must be aligned with your vision otherwise they won't serve any real purpose.

I'm going to make it very simple for you:

Your goals are simply stepping stones towards your vision for yourself and your life.

Every goal you set and achieve should move you a step closer towards your ultimate destination and the fulfilment of your true potential and life purpose.

If you're still setting goals without a vision and a game plan for your life then you're doing it wrong....

Your goals should be aligned with your vision otherwise they won't serve any real purpose.

Too often when I help guide people with their goals the first thing I notice is that their goals, plans and dreams are not aligned in any way...

Ultimately, it's impossible for them to achieve any of their goals or make significant progress towards their dreams because their goals are in conflict with each other.

This can be resolved by first removing the inner conflicts you have within and getting in touch with your true self and investing the time to be honest and real with yourself about who you really are and what you truly want to experience and create with your time on this planet.

Once you're true to yourself and have rinsed off the years of false expectations and programming from your schooling, family and the media you can start to carve out your own destiny and move towards your true calling and purpose.

Now my challenge to you is to take a good hard look at each of your goals and see if they line up with what you truly want and your divine life purpose.

Don't be afraid to remove and rip up your goals and old beliefs and values, the truth is over 80% of the people I have worked with over the years usually end up ripping up their old goals and start fresh, with a blank canvas that allows them to build their life on a solid foundation of being true to themselves.

Be brave enough to move in the direction that feels right within your own heart and soul, because that is always the direction to move in... that is the path to your ultimate destination and that's exactly why you're here, to make that journey and fulfil your greatest purpose and calling!

- Joe


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