Daily Action Plan

Take action with the daily action plan. Tackle each day with clarity and certainty. Write down your top goals. Outline your morning routines. Keep track of the actions and tasks you need to complete every day.

The Guide

The Blueprint is a step by step guided process to plan and build your life. From bottom to top. The Blueprint system gives you the tools to align yourself with your purpose and definitive targets.

Set Purposeful Goals

Research your goals and develop a deep understanding around your personal vision and objectives. The Blueprint guides you from start to end. From loose ideas to your new reality.

Re-building our lives in 2022 with The Blueprint.

With the launch of the Class of 2022 Program – We are committed to and focused on creating the environment for wonder, creative thinking and new ideas to enter our lives as we proceed to re-build the world and ourselves. It’s always been our mission to build people up one by one. With The Blueprint in hand and with the roll out of The Class of 2022 Program we imagine moving the world forward again in a more empowering and purposeful way.

Joe Duncan

Make progress.
Get results.

Every part of The Blueprint process is connected. You take it step by step and work through each part at your own pace. Stay on track, make progress and get results.

How to use
your Blueprint.

The Blueprint is part of our Universal Education Program at Before5am. It forms the basis of how we help people build their lives every day. The Blueprint Guide + Workbook is designed to be used with our online daily program / curriculum – so that you stay on track, stay focused and keep moving forward on your big goals and dreams. The Blueprint has been built to be implemented into every part of your life and used on a daily basis.

The power to create and think differently about your life.

The Blueprint program was designed from the ground up to help you find your purpose, think in new and more empowering ways and define your vision for your life. The Blueprint gives you the power to write, think and re-imagine your life without limits. Be the pioneer of your life and be bold enough to set a new course and achieve everything you could ever imagine.

Building lives on a solid foundation. Every day.

The Blueprint is used all over the world by people who want to create change in their own lives, develop structure and find their unique purpose. It’s the building block of real lives.

The Blueprint is available instantly World Wide.

The Blueprint Digital Guide is delivered straight to your email inbox. With our quick and easy download process you can get started immediately. The Blueprint includes 2 digital files. The Guide by Joe Duncan + The Workbook.

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