The Before5am

2023 Agenda.

This year I wanted our program to be more focused around developing relevant skills, building more purposeful lives, better life management and help re-skilling our workforce and our world.

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Let's get to work on our targets, goals & objectives for 2023.

Grab your Blueprint and let's get to work on building a structured and detailed plan to achieve our goals, targets & objectives for 2023.

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Life Planning System
The Blueprint Guide

Build your life on a solid foundation. The Blueprint Guide & Workbook is the Life Planning tool we use to build our lives and our future.

January is over and now it's time to start getting serious about our plan for 2023. Learn about how The Blueprint Life Planning System can work for you and let's start building ourselves in 2023.

Building Blocks

Building your life on a solid foundation with The Blueprint. Build a new vision for yourself, build yourself up and build a new path that takes you closer to where you want to be in life.

  • Build your Purpose.
  • Build your Goals.
  • Build new Routines.
  • Build your Daily Plan.

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Set Powerful Goals

The quality of your goals determines the quality of your life. With The Blueprint you can set goals that have meaning and purpose behind them and build a detailed action plan to turn those goals into a reality in your life.

  • Build Relevant Goals to you.
  • Build Goals with Purpose.
  • Build a Plan to reach your Goals.
  • Build a System that works for you.

$9.99 - USD

The Daily /

Every day we deliver a lesson, education and vital life support to people all around the world through our daily agenda. This is the backbone of what Before5am stands for. Agenda Set by Joe Duncan.

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About Before5am

Before5am helps people all over the world to empower themselves and support themselves through the many challenges that modern life presents. Through innovate and interactive lessons, ideas, strategies, philosophy and the Before5am Global Curriculum created by Joe Duncan - Before5am is the foundation that millions of people build their lives around every day.

Joe Duncan

Founder and President

I built Before5am to solve what I believe to be the largest unaddressed Global issue. Where was The education and life support that every day people needed to build their lives and support themselves and their families? I created Before5am and The Global Curriculum to be free and accessible to all regardless of race, background or circumstances. I believe Before5am is an essential life support system and service that gives people the tools to build their lives and contribute in a great way to society.

An Essential Service

For The Public Good

Before5am was built for the Public Good and will always remain free and accessible to all. We view Before5am as an essential life support service for people all over the world - that helps people build their lives in a dignified way. Building our world starts with how we build our people and how we support them in their every day lives. At the end of the day the work we do at Before5am must achieve better societal outcomes for humanity.

About Before5am

Before5am moves the world forward every day and gets people inspired to be at their best and reach their true potential. Before5am is a leading education, media, technology and global development platform.