About Before5am

Before5am helps people all over the world to empower themselves and support themselves through the many challenges that modern life presents. Through innovative and interactive lessons, ideas, strategies, philosophy and the Before5am Global Curriculum created by Joe Duncan - Before5am is the foundation that millions of people build their lives around every day.

Life support, Life support Tools

Joe Duncan

Founder and President

I built Before5am to solve what I believe to be the largest unaddressed Global issue. Where was the education and life support that every day people needed to build their lives and support themselves and their families? I created Before5am and The Global Curriculum to be free and accessible to all regardless of race, background or circumstances. I believe Before5am is an essential life support system and service that gives people the tools to build their lives and contribute in a greater way to society.

An Essential Service

For The Public Good

Before5am was built for the Public Good and will always remain free and accessible to all. We view Before5am as an essential life support service for people all over the world - that helps people build their lives in a dignified way. Building our world starts with how we build our people and how we support them in their every day lives. At the end of the day the work we do at Before5am must achieve better societal outcomes for humanity.

Better Societal Outcomes

Our ultimate Goal at Before5am has and always will be better societal outcomes.
B.S.O is a Before5am Framework developed by Joe Duncan.

Life Support Service

Before5am is a life support system that at its core provides essential life management tools.

Purpose Building

Creating a purposeful society starts with the individual. That level of support is what we provide at Before5am.

Building Real Lives
Before5am is support system for people from all walks of life and gives them the tools to develop themselves daily.

Our 2023 Curriculum.

Our program for 2023 is focused on helping people define their purpose, build real & relevant skills and find the capacity to contribute in a larger way to society.

Through daily lessons, tutorials and open discussion 2023 will be a year where we all move forward with great purpose and look to build our lives on a more solid foundation.

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Building people is our responsibility. Building our World and moving humanity forward always starts with how we interact, educate and support people from all walks of life.

Joe Duncan on the Before5am 2023 Program

For the
Public Good.

Building Real people and real lives every day. Before5am is a place where real people come together every day to be educated and to learn lessons that will help them to be better equipped to handle the many challenges in the world today.

Before5am is free and accessible to people all over the world and provides an essential Global Service that helps us build ourselves, our families, our communities, our companies and our nations.