Weekend Tutorial: This weekend we’re setting up our first 90 Day Action Plan of 2024.

This weekend we’re setting up our first 90 Day Action Plan of 2024 - So that you are ready to take on the new year when Monday morning comes around.

Let’s get to work and start building our game plan for Q1 2024!

What you’ll need to work on this Class:
We’re going to use the 90 Day action plan from your Blueprint workbook - Print out and work on page 21.

You’ll also need a pen and a highlighter to help you mark your key targets.

Time allocated:
I want you to invest 90 minutes over the weekend on your 90 Day Game Plan for Q1 2024.

The work you do this weekend, will set you up for a powerful start to the year and give you a great sense of direction and purpose.

Now, let’s put pen to paper and start building out our first 90 Days!

Step - 1:
I want you to break down your goals for 2024 into key group areas - so that it’s easier for you to see and manage your goals for the first 90 Days.

You can break your goals down into the following key areas:

Health & Fitness
Finance and Investment
Career Goals
Personal development & Skills building
Family goals
Travel & Adventure
Contribution & service to others
Passion projects & Hobbies

The list goes on… So add goal categories that work for your life and your goal set.

Step - 2:
List the goals you have for each category and focus only on the goals you plan on achieving in the first 90 days of the year. That’s how I want you to build momentum in 2024!

Next to each one of your goals - I also want you to add a date that you plan to achieve that specific goal. Having a time frame will give you a sense of urgency and get you moving on your targets in Q1 2024.

Step - 3:
Once you have completed your 90 Day Action Plan for Q1 2024, I want you to reference it every morning and evening to help you plan out your days and keep you focused on your mission.

My final thoughts:
Let’s have a strong start to 2024 by taking action this weekend and building out our Action Plan for Q1 2024! Focus on the goals and targets that you need to achieve to move your life forward and make your life better in 2024.

Remember the first 90 days are all about building momentum and being consistent.

Let’s get to work!

- Joe

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