Weekend Tutorial: We’re working on building meaning and purpose heading into 2024.

This weekend, we’re working on building meaning and purpose heading into 2024!


Let’s get our Blueprint Guide & Workbooks out, our pens and notepads and get to work! By now, it should be an annual event for most of you!


What you’ll need:

Print out Part 1 of your Blueprint Workbook, which is (pages 3 - 6). These are the worksheets we’ll be working on this weekend.


Time allocated for this tutorial:

I want you to set aside 45 minutes this weekend to work on your purpose and to find meaning in your life. It’s only the first week of December, so you’ll have plenty of time to work on this area of your life before the year is over.


Step #1:

Use Part 1 of your Blueprint to walk through The Big Life questions that are easy to look past in your day to day life. Think about how you want to contribute, where you can add value to society and how you can share what you know with the world.


Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, imagine what is possible for you and our world and dream about what you truly want to see in your lifetime.


Here are 3 x questions I want you to focus on to help you find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning:


1. What is your life mission?


2. What will be your lasting legacy and contribution to humanity and our world?


3. Where do you think the world needs you most right now? Think about how your skills and know-how can be best utilised.


Step 2:

At this stage - it’s important to start reflecting on your answers and thinking about how you can start moving towards the things you have just written down.


So, start writing down a list of actions you need to take right now that will allow you to start living with a greater sense of purpose and meaning in 2024.


My final thoughts:

Building a meaningful and purposeful life takes time, effort and dedication - especially when you already have a busy life full of responsibilities and obligations. Today, is a starting point for many of you and I want you to use today’s work as a foundation to build upon - as you start to build your life around what matters to you and how you can contribute more to your community and the world - using your unique gifts, talents and skills.

- Joe Duncan

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