Weekend Tutorial:
2024 Character Development.

Skills we are building this weekend:

+  Character Building

+  Self Awareness & assessment

+  Developing yourself as a whole person


What you’ll need to work on this tutorial:

+ Use Part 4 of your Blueprint Life Tool.

+ Print out pages - 11 to 14 of your workbook.


We will reference both the Blueprint Guide and the Workbook in this tutorial.


Time allocated for this tutorial:

Give yourself 60 minutes to think, contemplate and work through this area of self study this weekend.


The main activity:

This weekend, I want you to work through Part 4 of your Blueprint which is all about building yourself up, developing your self as a whole and re-defining who you are and where you feel you want to make some changes in your own character.


Take your time to work through each area of  Part 4 of your Blueprint and give yourself time to deeply think and consider each area. Only you can answer these questions and the more honest and open you are with yourself - the more chance you will have to grow as a person in 2024.


Questions and areas of focus:

Here are a few questions and areas I want you to consider and work on as part of

your self study and self assessment.


1 - What are the character traits I have, that are holding me back from reaching my potential?


2 - Where do I feel I can improve the most as a person in 2024?


3 - What am I looking to see from myself as a person in 2024?


4 - What would make me feel a sense of pride about the person I am and how I carry myself in my daily life?


Building upon this tutorial in 2024:

Building your character, having a strong sense of self and knowing where you want to improve as a person is the back bone of your 2024 program.


Look at your notes from Part 4 at least once a week and build upon them and add new thoughts & ideas to developing yourself as a person on all levels throughout the year.


The goal is to be a well rounded being who you respect - that’s what matters the most.


Let’s get to work and start building ourselves up as we head into 2024. There are some tough conversations to have and some deep thoughts and realities to contend with - but I’m sure you will all get through this weekends self study session.


Joe Duncan


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