2024 Planning.

Write down the one thing you absolutely must experience or accomplish before you take your last breath.

I don't care how wild or crazy it may be, write it down!

For some of you it might be making an award winning movie or becoming a world famous fashion designer or starting your own charity organisation to make a lasting impact or maybe your dream is to become an astronaut.

For others of you, owning your first home would simply be amazing or becoming a top surgeon or doctor is your number one target or it might simply be that you want to get back into shape so you have more energy.

It really doesn't matter what it is that you want to achieve, what matters is that you take the time to lay out the steps... that's what we are going to do today!

So once you've written down the one thing you really want to accomplish, I want you to imagine what the steps would be for you to get there.

I don't want you to go online and research it or visit the library or call a friend who might know better... I want you to think for yourself, I want you to work out for yourself what the steps might be in order for you to get there.

Map it out, play around with a few ideas, get your crayons out and make a mess, this isn't about developing a formal plan - it's about you drawing a picture of the steps that you feel would be required to get to your destination.

The first part of setting intelligent goals is working out what the steps are to achieve your goals and then researching your goals so that you know every single thing there is to know about each of your goals, targets and dreams.

Let's start with laying out the steps, using your own imagination to come up with your own unique ideas on how you think you can make it happen... you just never know what you might come up with!

Don't think for one moment you have to get this right or that it has to be perfect, it's a start!

The truth is a fresh start and new outlook on your goals and life is what most of you need to get back up and moving, you need to become fascinated and intrigued by your dreams once again...

Get to work and let me know how you go!

- Joe


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