Tidy things up. Work on yourself. Allow the flow to return to your life.

Sometimes you just have to get back to basics, tidy things up and work on yourself before things start to flow again in your life.

You're not always going to be taking things to the next level, making moves and feeling like you're dominating the game.

In fact, you'll spend most of your time on this planet feeling out of line and out of sync with yourself and the world around you. That’s just the natural flow of life, that's how we grow and develop - I guess that's why they call it growing pains!

Sometimes, you just have to stay put, stay in the job you're in and stay where you are for a little bit longer, while you figure things out and build yourself up slowly.

Although it might seem like everyone else around you is making moves, buying new houses and cars, going on holidays, meeting amazing new people and having a blast, we both know that's not entirely the case. That's social media reality, not actual reality.

Right now, the chances are you just have to work on yourself. Get yourself right, work on your body, your mind and your soul.

Right now, you just have to study and develop your skill set and use your free time to become better at what you do, so you qualify for the things you want in the future.

Right now, things most probably aren't perfect. But maybe you've got to learn a few spiritual lessons and learn how to deal with things and handle yourself when things aren't quite going your way.

Right now, you might just need a year or two to just go with the flow, recover and heal yourself properly before you jump back in the game!

We are all at different points on our journey and it takes a certain level of wisdom and awareness to accept what cycle you are in at any moment in your life and accept that sometimes you just have to take a step back and work on yourself before anything else can enter your world.

Don't be fooled by your own ego or your need to feel significant. Your time will come, but not before you are ready.

Everything will start to fall into place, when you get yourself right and tidy things up. The flow of energy, love, light, money, creativity and passion will return once you've done your part of the deal.

- Joe

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