2024 Focus: The first 90 days are always about being consistent.

The first 90 days of 2024 are about being consistent.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting or what projects you’re undertaking this year, your first mission & focus is on being consistent and showing up every day.

I want you to focus on building momentum and building structure into your daily life, so that you can start to be more consistent in every area of your life. You’ll have plenty of time to step things up, raise the intensity and push harder as the year goes on – but right now, I need you to focus on being disciplined and consistent in all that you do.

2024 is about building your life on a solid foundation, so that you have the capacity to contribute at a higher level to those around you and are able to reach your full potential. Your purpose and the impact you want to make this year comes down to being consistent in the first 90 days of the year.

The first 90 days count – this is where we build our spirit, build our confidence, we can make tweaks to our game plan and most of all begin to believe in ourselves once again. And… I want you, more than anything to be inspired by yourself, by your efforts and to feel strong within about what you can accomplish in 2024.

Let’s go out there and put together a solid first quarter of 2024 and start to make our dreams a reality and start building our lives on a more solid foundation. Take it day by day, step by step and let’s focus on being consistent in everything that we do – by the end of the year you’ll be right where you planned to be if you just focus on being consistent right now.

Let’s get to work on 2024 – I know you’re ready to take on the new year.

Your friend,

Joe Duncan


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