4 areas I want you to focus on in 2024:

Here are 4 areas I want you to focus on in 2024:


1. Skills Building + being better utilized.

In 2024 - I want to see you building yourself up and developing relevant skills for your future.


Give yourself time each day to build skills, learn about changes in your industry or sector and think about how you can best be utilized in our society as a whole.


‘We Build Here. We Build Now.’ - is all about building the skills that will allow us to make a bigger impact and shape our world in 2024 and beyond!


2. Purpose + Meaning + Mission!

If you’re planning to get moving on your life or planning on getting anywhere in 2024 then you need to start building your own strong sense of purpose, meaning and mission!


There is no avoiding Purpose in 2024! You have to know what you’re building, what you’re working towards and WHY you’re doing it! Having a sense of purpose, meaning and mission is your true power in 2024. It’s something I’ll be pushing you on all year!


It’s time to start thinking about your own sense of purpose on an individual level and more importantly how you’re being utilized and actively adding value in our society.


3. Contribution + Service to others!

In 2024 - I want you to focus on contributing, supporting and serving others.


Leadership in 2024 starts with you standing up and supporting others, contributing to your community and serving others - with an open and good heart. It’s that simple.


Make it your mission and part of your plan for 2024 to serve in your community, workplace and in the world around you. Our world needs you now, more than ever!


4. Wellbeing + Building a more sustainable Life Based System for yourself!

Heading into 2024, I want you to have a plan that allows you to be at your best every day and be able to handle the many challenges that will come your way!


Give yourself time to look after your own wellbeing and actually build a year around self sustainability and good health. Success will come, once you start to get a handle on how to run a day - week - month and know how to be at your best year round without too many ups and downs.


Let’s get to work and start building in 2024!


Joe Duncan

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